Dear GOP House Representative:

I don’t understand why you are going along with the extortion. The Affordable Care Act is already funded, tying it to the continuing resolution makes no sense. It’s a horrible way to conduct the business of the people.

The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. It was passed by the Legislative Branch, signed by the President and passed muster with the U.S. Supreme Court. Then it was affirmed once again by the majority of people with the re-election of President Obama. It’s time for the GOP to move on. This fixation on the Affordable Care Act is ridiculous.

The Senate agreed with and voted for the continuing resolution without the attacks on the Affordable Care Act. The House could end this today with a vote on a clean continuing resolution.

US_CapitolThe attempt to blame the Senate or the President for this impasse is dishonest. If the roles were reversed and the same tactic was used to force extreme gun control legislation would you and the GOP go along with it? Not a chance, nor should you. It’s not the way the Founders intended the Legislative Branch to work.

Please demand a vote on a clean continuing resolution.

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  • Bob Sutherby

    Well said.